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How to Keep EFF & the ACLU Off Your Ass

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Make no mistake, privacy is not dead. If it was, privacy snafus wouldn’t still be making headlines. Failing to build in privacy protections is the quickest way to put your company smack in the middle of a PR disaster. Girls Around Me, anyone? When the privacy shit hits the fan, tech reporters want to know what privacy watchdog organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union think. If you messed up, we’re going to have something to say and we don’t do kid gloves. The good news is that so many of the privacy-related PR disasters could have been prevented with some simple advance planning. Hear from two of the top people that tech reporters call for comment when there’s a new product that has everyone talking. They will tell you how to plan ahead to avoid privacy & PR nightmares, saving your company time and money while enhancing reputation and building customer loyalty and trust.



Rebecca Farmer Communications Director ACLU of Northern California

Rebecca Farmer has been with the ACLU of Northern California since 2008, and has worked in communications at non-profit organizations for over a decade. At the ACLU she works at the cross-sections of civil liberties issues, including digital privacy and free speech.

Rebecca Jeschke Media Rel Dir, Digital Rights Analyst Electronic Frontier Foundation

Rebecca Jeschke has been with the Electronic Frontier Foundation for seven years as its Media Relations Director and a Digital Rights Analyst, fielding press requests on a broad range of issues including privacy, free speech, and intellectual property matters. Her media appearances include Fox News, CNN, NPR, USA Today, New York Times, Washington Post, Associated Press, and once Katie Couric epically mangled her last name on the CBS Evening News. Before joining EFF in 2005, Rebecca worked in television and Internet news for more than ten years, including stints as an Internet producer for CBS 5 in San Francisco and as a senior supervising producer for TechTV.