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And What of Liberty? Networks & Freedom

#sxsw #netfreedom

Your ISP is spying on your network traffic, Zuck pwn'd your social graph. Even darling Twitter has thrown indie developers under the bus for the sake of "consistency." You probably know all this, and you still go on using these networks because there are no workable alternatives. Except there are alternatives, and we're actively building them out! This panel will demonstrate running code and working prototypes, but it will also make a case for networks as a central component of human freedom. Come help us frame the problem, consider existing solutions, and spec out more responsible networks that you and your friends will actually use.



Dan Phiffer Media Technology Developer The Museum of Modern Art

I'm interested in cheap DIY computer networks. I work at the Museum of Modern Art in the Digital Media department. I also adjunct at NYU (Steinhardt) and City College of New York (EDM). I think your startup idea is stupid. j/k!

Harlo Holmes Head of Metadata The Guardian Project

Harlo Holmes is a media scholar, software programmer, and activist. As research fellow with The Guardian Project, she primarily investigates topics in digital media steganography, metadata, and the standards surrounding technology in the social sciences. She harnesses her multi-faceted background in service of responding to the growing technological needs of human rights workers, journalists, and other do-gooders around the world. Harlo is currently based in New York City.

Isaac Wilder Exec Dir Cooperative Networks Free Network Foundation

I'm Isaac. Co-founder and Director of the Free Network Foundation. We help communities grow their own (networks).