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Privacy in a Location-Based World

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Location is enormously important to the future of mobile; it creates a new layer of relevance for social, adds context to our posts and photos, and helps us discover the world around us. The success of the LBS industry relies on the trust of the public and their willingness to use our services. While we strive to add value to our users through LBS, we can’t overstep our privacy boundaries in the ways we collect and share user data. Thousands of today’s apps tap into smartphones’ location functionality – and 74% of U.S. smartphone users using their phones to access real-time location-based information. With a growing number of LBS-engaged users, developers need to stop treating privacy as a dirty word, and start discussing it openly, approaching it head on. The industry is overdue for a frank, open discussion about where privacy stands, and how the industry must improve. Only through this kind of open dialogue can the LBS industry build a robust and sustainable future.


Damien Patton CEO Banjo Inc

Damien Patton, Banjo Founder and CEO, is a serial entrepreneur whose zest for life and passion for problem solving is the hallmark of everything he does. Before dominating hackfests and leading innovative technology teams, Patton put his talents to use in some vastly varied disciplines. He served in Desert Storm, was the Chief Mechanic of the Lowe’s racing team in NASCAR and even dusted for prints and collected DNA as a crime scene investigator.

Patton was inspired to create Banjo when he missed connecting with a former military buddy. They both made social posts about being at Boston Logan airport (just 2 gates away), but since they were on different networks they didn’t know the other was there until it was too late.

Banjo gives you an on the ground view of what’s happening anyplace, anytime and has been called one of the most powerful and sophisticated location based technologies today. Banjo has been featured as the App of the Week in both iTunes and Google Play, is used in 194 countries and is in 14 languages.

A trailblazer in the industry, Patton speaks frequently at conferences on subjects ranging from social, mobile and location-based technology to entrepreneurship and agile development. As a recognized leader in location and privacy, Patton was recently chosen by the FTC to address Privacy Commissioners from around the world at their annual meeting in San Francisco.