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How to Become An Overnight Sensation: 1000 Online Comments

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A few years ago, I become a mother and an orphan, almost overnight. Sitting in my house in the woods, grieving with young children, I knew my road to happiness lay in creating and building with technology. But the industry had shifted radically -- it felt like the train had left the station. Indeed, people told me "Nope. Not gonna happen.” I was 39, invisible, and irrelevant.

I decided I to make myself essential, by showing up. I decided to attend 100 events and write 1000 online comments.

By the time I was done, I was Founder/CEO of a funded startup, a recognized voice in the industry, and one of Forbes Ten Female Entrepreneurs To Watch. Today, I work with the world's leading corporations on the Future of Innovation.

U.S. corporations have eviscerated mid-level management -- a paradigm shift which leaves people age 40+ struggling to redefine themselves online. This inspirational talk shares proven steps to bring your authentic, essential wisdom into the new social world.


Tereza Nemessanyi Business Development - Startup Evangelist Microsoft

Tereza has joined Microsoft as a startup evangelist for the East, providing startups with ready access to Microsoft's offerings to help them go further and faster. A seasoned media and technology entrepreneur, she was most recently Founder/CEO of Honestly Now. Companies she’s worked with, at senior levels, include PwC, IBM, The Walt Disney Company, Unilever, Symphony IRI, Interpublic Group, Omnicom, and the InterAmerican Development Bank. Tereza is a sought-after speaker (TED, Lean Startup Conference, Harvard Club, NYU), has blogged for HuffPo and Reuters and in 2011 was one of Forbes "Ten Female Entrepreneurs to Watch". She has an MBA from The Wharton School. She is particularly passionate about opening doors for women in tech, and driving work/life sustainable innovation. She lives in New York with her husband and two young daughters.