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You Suck, Cleantech: How Design Can Help

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Cleantech is dead. Investors have dropped out and entrepreneurs are more interested in making apps. What happened? Why didn't the same spirit and capital that created the internet grow renewable energy and other "clean technologies" to scale? With 93% of the world's fuel supply still coming from burning stuff we dig out of the ground - it's a question that matters. So what do we do now?

David Merkoski, the former Executive Creative Director of frog design and current Chief Designer at Greenstart, has a plan to "bring sexy back" to cleantech by ultimately using design (service, product, brand and business) to fight climate change and blow apart our energy constraints. Join him for a look back at the mistakes made in the cleantech design track record, and leave with a vision of how we can design a cleaner world. Long live clean tech.



David Merkoski Partner & Chief Designer Greenstart

David Merkoski is one of the world’s leading UX and Brand designers. As a partner and Chief Design Officer at Greenstart, David is a central architect of the Startup Design™ methodology and the leader of the Product and Brand practices. David spent five years as Executive Creative Director at frog design’s San Francisco headquarters, leading a team of more than 100 designers, engineers, strategists and program managers to bring innovative products and services to market. His work building frog’s energy practice and leading the firm’s biggest accounts in all categories of advanced consumer experience – smart phones, digital retail, next gen automotive and the social web – gives him unique insights into the challenges of digital cleantech products and services. He is a sought after speaker at conferences such as SXSW, ARPA-E and PSFK. David holds a BA from NYU and a master’s from NYU’s ITP program at Tisch School for the Arts.