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Is This Progress? More Meaning in Our Digital Life

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IT advances have created a mass transformation comparable to the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution. As we use digital tools to create new connections and experiences, what is the impact on our analog realities? Consider:
1. The collective memory of our online activities far exceeds our human capacity to remember; we struggle with information overload and privacy concerns instead of treasuring our digital legacy.
2. News is omnipresent yet more compartmentalized than ever, as we invent siloes to absorb the deluge of information. We traded newspapers for online news feeds, but are we better informed, or more myopic?
3. Both human relationships and physical artifacts are decamping for the cloud. Is a Facebook friend truly nurturing? Is digital music as interesting as a hard-earned vinyl collection?
This panel will critique our digital transformation, probe the high-tech ecosystems we depend upon, and offer strategies for a more meaningful and sustainable digital future.


Brian Kralyevich VP Design Amazon

Evan Smith Editor in Chief, CEO The Texas Tribune

Josh Williams Prod Mgr Location Svcs Facebook

Product Manager at Facebook. Former co-founder and CEO at Gowalla. Maker of the finest margarita in Noe Valley.

Paul Pugh VP of Creative Software Innovation frog