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Responsive Design has been much vaunted as the way forward for web and mobile publishing design, flexible and affordable. Whilst a few major brands, Boston Globe, Grey Goose, Barak Obama have begun to explore the possibilities, best practices and platforms are still emerging. And with the touch screen experience and synced content across platform exciting consumers it is clear the web and mobile world need to become one and the same. Major issues still need to be addressed. With the goal being get the best user experience across all platforms, the panel will briefly explore the stand-out work so far, including The Times new (patent applied) mobile publishing platform and explore solutions to some of the key challenges, The end of a single design and how to develop systems and not pages, integrating responsive content with responsive advertising, navigation paradigms cross platform, content aware image sizing and why its important to, at first think small.



Alex Breuer Creative Dir The Guardian

Dan Gardner Co-Founder, Creative Dir Code & Theory

Dan Gardner
Co-Founder, Creative Director

Dan Gardner is the Co-Founder and Creative Director at Code and Theory. Code and Theory was founded in 2001 and is a digital agency that creates digital products and campaigns across all platforms. Since the company's inception, Dan has focused on delivering innovative user experiences for Code and Theory's clients.

Throughout the years, Dan's work has included pioneering ubiquitous video consumption online using Flash video for Sony Music in the early 2000's and designing multiplatform content delivery platforms for clients like the NBA, MobiTV and Comcast. Dan spends most of his time pushing his clients to adapt new ways of delivering content and news across devices and platforms, with creative solutions that are always setting best practices for technology-enabled user behaviors. Specifically for the publishing industry, Dan has helped launch properties such as The Daily Beast and The Verge as well as led redesigns and product strategy for Mashable, Engadget, Vogue & Ebony magazine.

His work has garnered numerous awards and accolades including multiple Webby’s, acknowledgements in the Communication Arts Interactive Annual, Yellow Pencil at the D&AD awards and recognition from Macromedia for a “Groundbreaking Site” in the field. Dan has also mastered the skill of not sleeping while also balancing his time with his family.

Dave Rupert Lead Developer Paravel