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Drawing Conclusions: Why Everyone Should Draw

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Everyone should be drawing! This session will show why creatives of all types should make drawing a regular part of their daily routine. How the power of the visual image resonates with your audience, and can be leveraged through drawing to improve the quality of a creatives work both aesthetically and effectually. The balance between analog and digital skills is more important now than ever before. Our industry may be digitally driven, but ideas are still best developed in analog form.


Von Glitschka Illustrative Designer Glitschka Studios

Von is principal of Glitschka Studios a multi-disciplinary design firm in the Pacific Northwest. The studio shines as a creative hired gun for ad agencies, design firms, and in-house corporate art departments all around the world.

Von speaks on the topic of design & creativity, branding and marketing and is an adjunct professor of digital illustration and author of four books.