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Identity+30: The Future of Identity

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Founded in New York City in 2008 by Sam Lessin, Y+30 was designed as an authentic forum for discussing what the world might look like in +30 years for a given subject. For instance: Food+30, Healthcare+30, Money+30, Space+30. The forum asks which trends and technologies are emerging today that will have formative effects on the not too distant future.
One thing that many people find troubling is our society's inability to think and plan more than a handful years into the future. This relatively short term perspective is fully insufficient as we move towards an ever faster, more interconnected, and more dynamic world where we need to keep alive the discussion about the long-term implications of these emerging macro-trends.
While he's normally the moderator of these events, Sam Lessin, the founder of and current director of product at Facebook leading the Identity Product Group, will be speaking on what identity might look like in 30 years: Identity+30.


Sam Lessin Director of Product Facebook

director of product, head of identity product group at Facebook. former founder of