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Global News After the Twitter Revolutions

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What arguably started with the Arab Spring (witnesses participating in the "news" process directly via Twitter and Facebook has only intensified--and evolved, now employing Instagram and social video). This is one step disintermediated from CNN's iReport and other forays in "citizen journalism." How can news organizations participate in citizen journalism or react to it? How do new information dissemination tools ensure accuracy and credibility? In international news, the issue is even more crucial as despotic regimes can use these tools for disinformation, repression and reprisals as well.


Andy Carvin Sr Strategist National Public Radio

Ayman Mohyeldin Correspondent NBC News

Ayman is a foreign news correspondent for NBC News. He has covered the Middle East for the past ten years including the wars in Gaza, Iraq, Lebanon and most recently the Arab revolutions in Egypt, Syria, Libya and Tunisia.

Jim Frederick Intl Editor TIME Magazine

Jim Frederick is the Editor of TIME International. He oversees all of TIME’s international news coverage appearing in TIME’s four global print and tablet editions, on and TIME’s other digital and mobile platforms, which reach a combined 50 million worldwide users every month.

Meredith Artley VP & Managing Editor CNN