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Painting Posthumous Portraits w/ Digital Detritus

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Kids today have data-points uploaded about them before they are born. Then they create, save and share even more data. They will be able to trace their entire life in data. The more data collected about them the more holistic the picture we can paint of them over the course of their life. Over the years, the digital artifacts they leave behind will help their loved ones remember and perhaps better understand them after they are gone.
This talk will explore the potential for long-term sentimental uses of big data each of us generate, both passively and actively. We will conceptualize about interfaces and devices that could display, make sense of and encourage reflection on individual lives using that data.
We'll explore how pools of seemingly bland big data can reveal behavior patterns in people's lives tied to their emotional and social experiences, especially when layered with actively generated digital artifacts.


Charlene Zvolanek Dir of Experience Design Team One