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Developer Experience: The UX of APIs

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RSVP Required - Using an API doesn't begin and end with a request and a response. Before third-party developers write a line of code, there's a desire to leverage your product and connect with your users. How you enable developers to successfully integrate is just as important as the capabilities you offer. This workshop is about creating great user experiences when the users are developers.

Topics include: developer marketing, documentation, code samples, testing environments, policy and security considerations, basic RESTful design principles, advanced API design, SDKs, support channels, roadmap communication, and community promotion.

Attendees should be familiar with the idea of software platforms and how applications can communicate with each other using HTTP. Experience with programming concepts and a web framework is recommended. Experience with a using a web service API like Facebook or Twitter is encouraged, but not required.

What to Bring:
A laptop will be useful if you would like to follow along with some of the demonstrations and tools I will show, but it is not required.

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Brian Smith API Engineering Lead Dropbox

Brian spent 3 years doing iOS development before focusing on building APIs for mobile and web developers. Most recently, he was involved in building the Dropbox Sync API, which blurs the lines between a local and network API.

Jeremiah Cohick

Jeremiah Lee thinks at the intersection of user experience design and software engineering. He believes UX is empathy as an applied science and that APIs are the new division of labor. Jeremiah has worked for Apple, Disney, and a variety of startups. He has extensive experience as a third-party developer and contributes to UX Magazine.

Neil Mansilla Mashery

Neil Mansilla is the Director, Developer Platform & Partnerships for Mashery. He is a passionate software engineer and tech entrepreneur. He previously founded several web and software companies in verticals including search, e-commerce, real estate and healthcare. Today, he is responsible for helping developers discover, learn and utilize the platforms on the Mashery API Network (

R. Kevin Nelson API Engineer Rdio

R. Kevin Nelson is a generalist engineer obsessed with user experience. His experience ranges from embedded systems and low-level audio software through all the things of the internet. He has written an award-winning iPhone app for the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, and helped write the API for He is currently focused on optimizing developer experience as an API Engineer at Rdio.