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Developing for the New Mobile Gamer

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Today consumers have an unprecedented number of options when it comes to playing games. In addition to home and handheld consoles, people are now always connected to games through common mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. With all these choices, any game can easily fall short of reaching its intended audiences. So what can developers do to tap into the huge opportunities in mobile gaming? How can they ensure that their title is promoted effectively to drive consumer awareness and discoverability? Jack Buser, Senior Director, PlayStation Digital Platforms, and Chris Harvey of Drinkbox Studios, will discuss the strategies developers should consider when developing for the mobile gaming market to ensure quality distribution of their IP. They will also talk about the new PS Mobile platform, share experiences developing for PS Vita, and explain why choosing the right platform can help developers reach the largest, most diverse audience yet in the history of video games industry.



Chris Harvey CTO Drinkbox Studios

Jack Buser Sr Dir, PlayStation Digital Platforms Sony Playstation