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Smart Cities & Connected Objects

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The connected device market has seen a recent boom and is predicted to grow from 87 million to 2.1 billion connected devices in 2020. Sensors and meters are the most common use cases, but what happens when entire cities can become connected? A robot as a nurse? It’s possible.
The need to stay linked is only growing and there are major stakeholders that have been building the technology and infrastructure to support the growing ‘network of things’. From transportation to the healthcare industry – new business models are being fueled by how people can make their digital lives more convenient.
This session will discuss current R&D trends in the M2M space, where money is being invested and where consumers can expect to see major growth in their networks.


Asad Ali Principal Research Engineer Gemalto Inc

Asad Ali is a principal researcher at Gemalto with over 10 years of experience in smart card operating systems, network security protocols, embedded file systems, secure USB devices, and online authentication frameworks. He holds several patents in the field of smart card connectivity, and has over 30 publications. He got his Masters degree in Engineering from MIT.