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Stephen Wolfram: The Computational Future

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Stephen Wolfram has spent his life trying to automate everything; to do with computers what people used to have to do for themselves.

What happens when he succeeds?

Distinguished scientist, inventor, and best-selling author Stephen Wolfram will explore that possibility and more in "The Computational Future". Stephen is bringing new ideas to challenge, inspire, and inform your understanding of computation. Can the entire universe be understood as a single, simple program? What kind of programs might nature use? What if all the world's knowledge could be queried with natural language?

To help understand the computational future, Stephen will demonstrate applications of computation in new and upcoming technologies. Learn what computation means for medical diagnosis, music composition, application development, social network analysis, and more. See what can be computed about you right now, and get a preview of what might you might be able to compute in the future.


Stephen Wolfram Founder & CEO Wolfram Research

Stephen Wolfram has been responsible for three revolutionary developments: the Mathematica computation system, A New Kind of Science, and the Wolfram|Alpha computational knowledge engine.

Wolfram was educated at Eton, Oxford and Caltech, receiving his Ph D in theoretical physics at the age of 20. Wolfram's work on basic science led him to a series of fundamental discoveries about the computational universe of possible programs. Summarized in his best-selling 2002 book A New Kind of Science, these discoveries have not only launched major new directions in basic research, but have also led to breakthroughs in scientific modeling in physical, biological and social domains---as well as defining a broad new basis for technology discovery.

Launched in 1988, Mathematica has revolutionized the way technical computation is done, and has been responsible for countless advances over the past two decades. Starting from a set of fundamental principles devised by Wolfram, Mathematica has continually grown, integrating more and more algorithmic domains, and spawning such technologies as the Computable Document Format (CDF).

Building on Mathematica and A New Kind of Science, Wolfram in 2009 launched Wolfram|Alpha---an ambitious, long-term project to make as much of the world's knowledge as possible computable, and accessible to everyone. Used every day on the web and through apps by millions of people around the world, Wolfram|Alpha defines a fundamentally new kind of computing platform that is turning science-fiction computer intelligence into reality.

In addition to his scientific and technical achievements, Wolfram has been the CEO of Wolfram Research since its founding in 1987. Under Wolfram's leadership, Wolfram Research has become one of the world's most respected software companies, as well as a powerhouse of technical and intellectual innovation, and a major contributor to education and research around the world.