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How to Measure Social Media

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Think social marketing is worth it? Prove it. If your CEO hasn't demanded that yet, they will. Then what? Hand them some jive about "return on conversation" or "follower growth"? Think that'll fly? You'll be gone so fast you won't know what hit you. You know damn well what they care about: Sales Volume. Costs. Revenue. Nichole Kelly, author of How to Measure Social Media: A Step-by-Step Guide to Developing and Assessing Social Media ROI, will show you how to answer questions like: "How much revenue did Facebook generate for us this month?", "Do social media clients spend more or less than clients from other channels?", and "How does the purchase frequency of social media clients compare to other clients?"

Here's the best part: It's not hard. The tools are cheap (or free), and you're probably sitting on most of the data. If you're a marketer or agency pro, this is a game you have to play. Win it.



Nichole Kelly Pres SME Digital

As a respected expert in social media marketing techniques and a national speaker, she has provided insight and training with leading marketing organizations including the American Marketing Association, Public Relations Society of America, Forrester Research, Marketing Profs, Radian 6 and HootSuite. Nichole wrote the book “How to Measure Social Media" and her systematic approach to social media and case studies are highlighted in books such as "The Executives Guide to Enterprise Social Media Strategy" by David B. Thomas and "No Bullshit Social Media" by Jason Falls. Prior to joining SME Digital, Nichole worked for major brands such as The Sherwin-Williams Company, The Federal Reserve Bank, Deutsche Bank Alex. Brown, Caliber Learning Networks (a Sylvan company), and Signs By Tomorrow, a national franchise. Nichole is one of the nation’s leading experts in building measurable social media strategies that are designed to deliver on your company’s business objectives.