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Sticky Experiences: A UX Love / Hate Story

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Glue. That’s what we are. The glue that holds it all together.
Not to be overzealous, but we’re becoming more and more aware of our worth. And other UXers should, too. Back in the days of yesteryear, who knew what UX was? Could you get a UX degree? Did children run around saying, “I want to be an Information Architect when I grow up!”
No. They didn’t.
But times, they are a-changin’. We want to share the joyous, and often frustrating, tale of a once small digital advertising agency and the UX team that has grown from it. We’ve gone from a three-person team to an understaffed, struggling-to-find-the-right-type-A-personality kind of department.
And we have good reason to be picky. That’s picky, not pretentious.
Our goal is to empower UX teams to find the right fit. To expand from the simple wireframer to become one of the most influential and consulted people on a project. To see it through from start to finish. Cause let’s be real, if a type-A can’t do it, then who can?


Barbara Luciani User Experience Designer Designkitchen

Samantha Rosa Sr User Experience Designer Designkitchen