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Wearables: Moving from Niche to Mainstream

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Sensor-laden wearable devices, with their unique ability to capture data generated by the body, will fuel the next wave of growth and innovation in personal computing—part of a larger phenomenon we call Smart Body, Smart World. Today, wearables like the Nike+ FuelBand are proliferating in the health and fitness space, but they occupy a relatively niche market. The tipping point for wearables will come when they break out of health as a vertical into health as a horizontal, applying body-generated data to diverse scenarios like social networking, gaming, navigation, commerce, and productivity. Winning products will mash up data from disparate sources, deliver insights that support more informed decision-making, and enable new forms of extra-sensitive communication and self-expression.


Sarah Rotman Epps Sr Analyst Forrester Research

Sarah covers the evolution of personal computing and mobility through Forrester's syndicated research, consulting, public speaking engagements, blogging, and commenting to the press. Sarah also guest posts in publications including All Things D, Ad Age, Forbes, Paid Content, ReadWriteWeb, and Ars Technica.

Sarah has a BA in Visual and Environmental Studies from Harvard, where she wrote an honors thesis on alternative computing interfaces to the keyboard, mouse, and screen, such as those that were in development at the time in the Tangible Media Group at MIT’s Media Lab.