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Pop Up Archive: Build an Archive & Make It Count

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RSVP Required - Organizing digital content not only makes it easier to find and use — it creates new opportunities. Our thriving media environment would not be feasible without standardized formats such as MP3, CD Audio, WAV, and JPEG. But the data that describes media is not standardized at all. To foster collaboration and reuse, metadata needs to be consistent and sharable.
So, let’s archive. In this workshop we invite media creators to join us as we take archives from the shelf (or hard drive) to the web. We encourage workshoppers to consider archiving not only produced work, but also raw footage and ancillary media to make the most of their collections. We’ll teach you how to install free software for archives, create or import records, organize collections, and seamlessly upload files to services like the Internet Archive and SoundCloud. We’ll also teach you how to use the simple web-based Pop Up Archive system to find hidden gems and archive without your own server.

Particular experience and/or knowledge is not required, but this workshop will be of the most use to those who a) create audio/visual content in the course of their work or b) seek better access to archival material for their work — whether in public media or the library/archive/museum ecosystem(s).

What to Bring:
Bring your archival material: we suggest that each participant come armed with at least a USB key or two (or a terabyte's worth, if you're feeling ambitious) of files. If you have any descriptive information about the files, bring that too — whether a spreadsheet tracking fields like "date" and "location" or even just a list of interviews jotted down in a notebook. Sorry, we can't help digitize analog content this year, though we can certainly point you toward relevant resources.

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Andrew Kuklewicz Tech Dir PRX Public Radio Exchange

Andrew is a technologist with experience as a developer, architect, project/QA manager, and facilitator. As tech director for PRX, his team rebuilt on Rails, created the tech behind the Public Radio Remix terrestrial and XM radio channel, and built mobile and tablet apps for RadioLab, This American Life, Music Mine for KCRW, and numerous station apps such as WBUR, WGBH, KQED, and PRX's own Public Radio Player. He has also worked on the Public Media Platform, an API being developed for all public media, since its inception. Previously a Consultant for Sapient, he worked with well known and Fortune 500 retail, manufacturing, government and financial services clients, and was a VP of Technology at J.P Morgan Chase where he created technology frameworks and applications for online brokerage and trading. He manages and contributes to numerous open source projects, and volunteers his team teaching with Boston RailsBridge. In his spare time he is a tap dancer, and founding member of the 'Boston Tap Company' dance troupe. He is a graduate of Yale University with a B.A. in Philosophy. Find him at @kookster, or

Anne Wootton Project Mgr Pop Up Archive

Anne previously managed a historic newspaper digitization project at Brown University and attended the Berkeley School of Information with a focus in digital archives and the sociology of technology. She spent summer 2011 working with The Kitchen Sisters and grant agencies to identify preservation and access opportunities for independent radio archives. She is a 2012 Knight News Challenge recipient and holds a Master’s degree from the University of California Berkeley in Information Management and Systems.

Bailey Smith Co-Founder Pop Up Archive

Bailey is a Knight New Challenge recipient and the cofounder of Pop Up Archive, an on-line repository designed to facilitate archiving audio. She holds a Master’s from the UC Berkeley School of Information in Information Management and Systems. Bailey has experience as a designer, editor, journalist, web master and information architect. She has also engaged intimately with media production as a transmedia consultant and as the producer of the radio documentary, Local Hire, an exploration of the rise and fall of film production in North Carolina.

Dave Rice Archivist Cuny Graduate Center

Dave Rice is an archivist and technologist working as audiovisual archivist for CUNY TV at the City University of New York. Dave has a research focus on the utilization and development of open source technology in support of media preservation and access. At such conferences as the Association of Moving Image Archivists, the Joint Technical Symposium, and Screening the Future Dave has presented on issues pertaining to enabling archivists during progressions to digital workflows, transitions from systems-based to standards-based metadata management, and utilization of Free Software to achieve archival objectives.