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Creating a DIY API: Open Source for Makers

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Do IP patents hinder innovation in design + fashion? I’ll show you why my co-founder and I decided to quit our jobs designing for fashion houses to create For the Makers, where anyone can learn a new technique, read up on the latest trends and inspire others.
When we found fashion bloggers were reverse-engineering our designs and sharing the DIYs with their readers, we decided to listen to the market. Open source fashion seemed like a crazy idea but we quit our jobs and started publishing our designs for free.
I’ll cover the reasons for sharing what you know, how to start, and what to hold back. I’ll cover actionable strategies to turn enthusiasts into experts (or happier enthusiasts) and how to earn trust and credibility in your field. We’ll discuss why making your field a place that encourages sharing is good for everyone while still allowing you to monetize on your expertise.


Katie Covington co-founder For the Makers

Katie Covington co-founded For the Makers, a company dedicated to making makers. By working with companies like Kate Spade, Anthropologie and Marc Jacobs Katie and co-founder Janet Crowther learned the ins and outs of dealing with producers and suppliers. As the constant go-tos for friends looking for the perfect bead, ribbon or fabric and champions of small wholesalers and suppliers, they realized they had to share the love. She’s traveled throughout Asia scouting factories and materials and still loves to nerd out discovering unique supplies. She’s been known to make an epic mess.