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Matthew Inman Keynote

#sxsw #BearsWin

One of the core missions of the SXSW Interactive Festival is to showcase those who use their creativity and artistic talent to make the world a better place. With this ideal in mind, we are excited to have Matthew Inman as our Tuesday keynote at 2:00pm in Exhibit Hall 5.

Matthew Inman is the artist and best-selling author behind the comedy website known as The Oatmeal. Inman championed two successful crowdfunding campaigns in 2012, including "Operation BearLove Good. Cancer Bad" where he turned a lawsuit on its head by raising over $200,000 for charity instead of paying $20,000 in damages to a rival website. In addition, he generated over $1M in nine days to try to buy the laboratory formerly owned by Nikola Tesla, a turn-of-the-century engineer who many consider a geek hero. Matthew lives in Seattle and really, really likes Sriracha rooster sauce.



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