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A Robot in Your Pocket: AI Powered Applications

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Through advances in artificial intelligence and data science, Web sites and apps are evolving. There is a new breed of “robot” applications focused entirely on working on our behalf. Search robots like Siri turn mobile devices into our personal assistants. Location apps like Foursquare, Radar and Highlight alert us to interesting people and places around us. Customization tools get to know us based on the things we read about, listen to and share, personalizing our online experience to bring the content we want to see on any website or app right to the top. While the tools of today allow us to work less, the robots of the future will eliminate much of the work in the first place. Come hear from a panel of experts that will talk about the robots of tomorrow. Imagine the applications in fields like education, health care or personal finance (wouldn’t you love a robot that does your taxes?). As the Internet starts to work for us, it will enrich our lives in ways we can’t even imagine.



Amit Kapur CEO Gravity

Amit Kapur is the CEO of Gravity, a technology company that is building the Internet’s Interest Graph to provide consumers with highly personalized Web experiences. Gravity has spent the past three years working with top publishers, including CNNMoney and TechCrunch, to develop personalization and analytics products based on their proprietary Interest Graph technology.

Amit was formerly the COO of MySpace, where he led operations, business development, and strategic partnerships for the company. He was an early MySpace employee, helping build and run MySpace Music and MySpace Mobile from the ground up. During his time as COO, MySpace rose to 125 million users worldwide and garnered a profit of nearly a billion dollars in revenue as part of Fox Interactive Media.

Prior To MySpace, Amit studied Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University, where he received the Henry Fuchs Award and Royal Dutch Shell Fellowship for excellence in engineering.

Jeff Bonforte CEO Xobni