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AI Netizens: The State of Agents Online

#sxsw #botizens

Human beings are no longer the only entities posting photos, tweets, checkins and blog posts online. There are other entities moving around us: social bots, emotive shadows of real people, and specifically designed spam generators. Sometimes they're upfront about who they are, sometimes they pretend to be real people, but they're everywhere, and their number is growing. In this panel we'll review a short history of autonomous online agents, their activities, society's response, and then dive into the future of this new kind of life, how we'll build it and what it'll mean for online interaction beyond 2013.



Jeff Kramer Project Lead HP Cloud

A technical project lead at the HP Cloud, I work on systems to enable new types of software to run in the cloud. I'm interested in bots and AI development, as well as all the interesting stuff happening at the intersection of the cloud, tech, physical and bio spaces. Many years ago I created a Creative Commons catalog that was nominated for a Web Award, and helped organize some Polycot SXSW parties with the EFF, Creative Commons and EFF-Austin.