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There Is an "I" in T-E-A-M

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From school sports to the workplace, we’ve been conditioned to believe there is no “I” in Team. But that’s a big, fat lie.
For years, the preferences of individuals, or “I’s”, have largely been ignored in favor of the Team. Organizations have eagerly implemented team-building exercises and trendy collaboration tools to support team effectiveness and productivity; but in doing so, have overlooked individual work styles and preferred tools, leaving individual employees feeling frustrated and unempowered.
But there is a new movement afoot, spawned by a generation of "I’s” who demand to work on their own terms and use their own devices; who want to empower themselves through mobile, social and other technologies to work in a manner that makes sense to them as individuals, not as members of a team.
Here, we'll explore the emergence of the "I" Team, its impact on team structure and group collaboration, and the strategies and tools to best support the "I" Team in your organization.


Blaine Mathieu Chief Prod Officer Mindjet

Blaine Mathieu combines his years of software product and marketing acumen in his role as Chief Products Officer at Mindjet. Mathieu drives all product strategy and execution to address the needs of the evolving global market.

A seasoned software veteran, Mathieu most recently was CMO at Lyris, an email marketing and marketing automation provider, where he led product, business development, marketing, and corporate communications. At Lyris, Mathieu launched their initial SaaS offering and helped create the newly emerging integrated digital marketing space.

Mathieu has also served as General Manager and Vice President of Products and Marketing at Corel Corporation, a diversified software company where he drove product and market development across a wide range of productivity solutions targeting both enterprise and consumers. Mathieu has also held senior management positions at Adobe Systems Incorporated and Gartner Group.

Mathieu is a sought-after leader and speaker, having contributed to numerous conferences, webinars, and articles relating to technology and software markets.