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The Tangled Web we Leave: Digital Life after Death

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Have you thought about what happens to your online life after you die? Should we tweet after death because we can? So much of our lives are now online, our art, accounts, social networks and photos, how do we manage this?

From your facebook page to adding a 'Digital' Power of Attorney in your will (which you should have), we'll explore the new 'death industry' of services that store documents, passwords, even email your loved ones time-released notes. And possibly, how can we leave traces and make the most of our lives while planning for our death?

Chanel Reynolds, founder of, invites all humans to this dialog that (eventually) impacts each one of us.


Chanel Reynolds Founder Get Your Shit Together

For over 25 years I have been 'making things and showing them to people'. Most recently as a Senior Interactive Strategist and Program Manager freelancing in the Pacific NW with creative agencies for clients such as Nike, Samsung, Microsoft, Tom's of Maine, Starbucks and worked at interactive advertising agencies.

My roots (and heart) are in the arts and non-profit organizations, including film and documentary work, launching contemporary arts centers, managing, being self-defense instructor and even adventure travel guide across the country and Mexico.

Since the launch of the site and the overwhelmingly positive response, I now dedicate myself full-time to demystifying Life & Death planning to alleviate unnecessary suffering in my own authentic way, with an honest voice, for people everywhere. This is my life’s work.