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A Life Worth Living Is a Life Worth Recording

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With over 8 million social media followers (G+, FB, Pinterest, Twitter), Trey Ratcliff has been doing something different with photography and sharing over the past six years. He publishes, which is the worlds #1 travel photography website, and he has recently moved with his family from Austin to New Zealand. He's figured out a way to live the life of an independent artist via the Internet itself.

In this special talk, Trey will give a unique perspective on living this new kind of life through the internet. He'll also show how and why you might want to personally add a layer of beauty and photography into your life (including a bonus photography tutorial!). As you begin to record your life and share it online, a digital shadow will be awake while you sleep.



Trey Ratcliff Founder, Artist, Adventurer

I'm a warm-hearted, old-school gentleman explorer with really cool toys.