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Make It Anything: Game Modification for the Masses

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RSVP Required - The founders of Modit will discuss their vision for a future in which game development is democratized by turning game players into game creators. Browser-based game development and distribution will empower anyone to modify the games they play and instantly share those creations with the world.

In this workshop, the Modit team will showcase their HTML5 game development platform and open it up for attendees to mod, create and share their own games. Attendees with no coding experience will be able to create and publish something that is uniquely their own by using visual tools to change the look, feel, and context of an existing game. Meanwhile, even the most experienced HTML5 game developer, or coders with no specific game or JavaScript experience, will be vastly accelerated by leveraging the structure, media, and syntax of a fully-functional game.

Finally, the potential for this concept to create a world where any app can be modified and republished by its users will be discussed.

No special experience or knowledge is required to enjoy and learn from this workshop. Anyone that can use a web browser will be able to learn how to use Modit’s visual tools to customize existing games and share them with the world. Attendees that have coding experience will be able to make deeper changes to the logic of existing games or to write a new game based on a variety of templates, but there will be plenty to learn and do for all skill levels.

What to Bring:
A laptop or mobile device that can connect to wifi will be required to participate in creating/modifying games. However, attendees that come without these items will still be able to enjoy and learn from the presentation and the work of others. If you have coding experience and want to put it to use, you’ll likely want a keyboard for your device.

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Alex Sutherland Pres Modit Inc

Alex Sutherland is an avid gamer, developer, and a proven entrepreneur with a background in product development, product marketing, community management, and online gaming. Alex has been involved in gaming his entire life from playing poker professionally and creating industry leading poker software tools, to creating Spinpossible, a puzzle game that is isomorphic to the symmetries on a 9-dimensional hypercube, to playing on the Magic the Gathering ProTour. Currently Alex is working on the Modit platform which aims to empower users to modify and republish the apps and games they use, allowing anyone to customize and collaborate on software with no barriers.

Alexander Sheive CTO Modit Inc

Alex Sheive is an entrepreneur with a background in software development, systems architecture, product development, operations, and online gaming. Alex currently runs Snowflake Learning, which creates personalize educational apps, and was the creator of TableNinja, an innovative suite of utilities for professional poker players. He also has serious reservations about putting his photo on the internet, so ... you’re welcome.

Sam Workman Chief Science Officer Modit Inc

Sam's passions include education, human-computer interaction, house music, and nanotechnology. After graduating from Harvard University with a degree in Engineering Sciences, Sam worked as a researcher at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, where he developed technologies ranging from a rapid sepsis diagnostic device to an augmented reality ‘holodeck’. Sam serves as product owner for the Modit platform, which he hopes will inspire and enable all sorts of creative expression.

Shantanu Dhaka CEO Modit Inc

Shantanu’s background is in quantitative financial analysis, sales and marketing, and scaling tech-focused startups. Before starting Modit, he helped launch Staley Capital, a $100 million growth equity fund focused on rapidly growing tech-enabled business services companies across digital media, online advertising and Internet services. Shantanu began his career in the technology investment banking division of Jefferies Broadview, where he focused on M&A for application software and digital media companies. Shantanu graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Applied Mathematics.