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Why Social Ads Work. Ignore Facebook Naysayers.

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Hating on Facebook advertising is easy- especially when the media, leading advertisers & analysts come out each day saying 'Facebook advertising just doesn't work'. The complaints are familiar: you targeted your fans’ friends & it didn’t work. You ran a contest & no one signed up. You spent money making your page pretty & no one’s talking about you.
Facebook’s not at fault. It's time for direct response & brand advertisers to look less at the channel & more at the consumer. It's time to rethink social advertising.
In this session we'll take you on a 'Holy Batman, Social Really Does Kick Ass' tour of companies who have had enormous success using social advertising. From a leading car manufacturer who doubled their sales after one campaign to a national food chain that was overwhelmed with clicks, store locator views and email signups that increased by over 200%. We'll give you the proof points and examples you need to unlock the holy grail that is social media.


Brandon Rhoten Dir of Digital Mktg Wendys

Brandon Rhoten leads digital and social media marketing for Wendy’s International, one of the world’s largest quick serve restaurant chains. Wendy’s is a brand dedicated to updating itself to being relevant to today’s consumer, changing everything from its physical restaurants to digital presence in order to be relevant to a generation with more choices than ever. Over the last year and a half Brandon has built a digital team at Wendy’s and hired a digital agency of record, in preparation for the launch of several major digital initiatives including a new .com, mobile app with payment functionality, and completely reworked digital advertising and social media strategies.

Previous to Wendy’s, Brandon led digital for Remington and the Freedom Group of Companies, where he helped Remington become the leading manufacturer in its category in digital marketing.

Brandon started his career in digital at Gyro, a decorated agency based in London with 15 offices worldwide, as a senior public relations consultant and account director working with tech and manufacturing clients.

Kurt Abrahamson CEO ShareThis

Kurt is the CEO of ShareThis. Prior to joining the company, Kurt served as CEO of, a leader in online display advertising, which was acquired by LivingSocial. Before, Kurt spent several years at Google, where he managed the direct sales channel for publishers and helped lead the global launch of Google AdSense as Director of the Content Media Group. Abrahamson also served as the Director of Global Sales & Operations Strategy and as Director of Sales Operations for North America. Before joining Google, Kurt served as Chief Operating Officer of Jupiter Communications and as President of Jupiter Media Metrix, where he helped establish Jupiter as one of the leading Internet research organizations. Kurt received his Bachelor of Science in communications from Cornell, and a Master's degree in public policy from Harvard.