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5 Questions About Persuasion Profiling

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Wouldn't you want to know how to adjust your (online) presence in a way that you increase the chance of conversion for each user individually? Persuasion profiles are collections of estimates of the effect of persuasion principles for each individual user. After Eli Pariser wrote an essay in WIRED about the scientific work Maurits Kaptein & Dean Eckles did at Stanford, persuasion profiling has been on everybody lips. The Science Rockstars team (the company Maurits Kaptein started with Arjan Haring) will come to SxSW to share their experiences of the last year with implementing persuasion profiling for the first time "in the wild" in large scale ecommerce settings.


Jay De Groot CEO & Co-founder Science Rockstars

My main passion is pushing the boundaries between innovation and online business. Since 1994 Jay has always been introducing things that where new to the online industry. ORDB (1994), Push Pull technology (1995), Digital Music Distribution (1997), Multi Variate Testing (2004) and the introduction of the first Corporate Web Oriented Portal solution (2008). And now with a incredible team of brilliant lunatics he is changing the concept of online marketing with the introduction of Persuasion Profiling. Based on the PhD research of @mauritskate done at Stanford University and Eindhoven University (graduated Cum Laude 2012).
They bring the fields of social psychology, user experience design and even machine learning together. The first product ( PersuasionAPI) is bridging different scientific fields, closing the gap between online personalization & optimization with persuasion profiling. And paving the way to better marketing.