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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight


Sir Gawain and the rest of King Arthur's court are startled by a visit from a strange green knight. The Green Knight challenges the court and Sir Gawain accepts. Sir Gawain strikes at the neck of the Green Knight who them picks up his own severed head and vows to return the strike in one year at the Green Chapel. Sir Gawain sets off to fulfill his promise. Along the way he has many adventures that eventually lead him to the Green Chapel where his fate awaits. This animated film is based on the 14th century alliterative poem.

Director: Callan Harrison, Aidan Anders

Executive Producer: Will Underwood, Carol Parker-Mittal

Producer: Alejandro Restrepo, Erin Luke, Clémence Le Saux

Screenwriter: Callan Harrison, Lizzie Randall

Cinematographer: Lizzie Randall

Editor: Ashley Hawkins

Sound Designer: Juan Lopera

Additional Credits: Animator: Coleman Strauss, Animator: Joey Calvey

Principal Cast: Will Underwood, Joe Muller, Raoul Nicoll, Eric Geyer, Bethany Prestigiacomo, Juan Lopera

Callan and Aidan are part of the dynamic team of students studying at Saint Mary's Hall in San Antonio, Texas. This team of filmmakers spent 9 months animating 10,080 frames. They collaborated closely with the Drawing Honors class, which created all the puppets, backgrounds and set pieces for the film.