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A young man wakes up from a horrible nightmare and hears a mysterious noise from outside his truck, he decides to investigate and venture into the unknown with nothing but a gun and a flashlight.

Director: Jonathan Munoz, Kyle Curtis

Producer: Kyle Curtis,

Screenwriter: Jonathan Munoz, Kyle Curtis

Cinematographer: Jonathan Munoz

Editor: Jonathan Munoz

Production Designer: Jonathan Munoz

Sound Designer: Jonathan Munoz

Additional Credits: Gaffer/Slate: Sabrina Lux, Production Assistant: Keil Bowers, Grip: Daniel Savana, Grip: Parker Bryant, Grip: Austin Zurker

Principal Cast: Jarrod Bowers, Payten Connaly


Jonathan Munoz is the a short film writer, director, actor, editor, and effects artist based on YouTube. He has produced over a dozen short films ranging from comedies to thrillers in the last 3 years of his high school career. Kyle Curtis is a first time director with insightful creative ideas.

Public Film Contact
Jonathan Munoz
(210) 852-7332