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The Village

Far away from any other urban centers, Itapuã is a small community with the characteristics and rituals of everyday life. The location, which sheltered 1,454 people and has more than 70 years of existence remains with only 35 residents all over the age of 60. No one likes to remember what the place was in the past, even though for many the memory is etched on their bodies.

Director: Liliana Sulzbach

Executive Producer: Liliana Sulzbach

Producer: Liliana Sulzbach,

Screenwriter: Liliana Sulzbach

Cinematographer: Francisco Ribeiro

Editor: Angela K. Pires

Production Designer: Leilanie Silva and Josie Demeneghi

Sound Designer: Kiko Ferraz

Music: Carlos Badia

Principal Cast: Eva Pereira Nunes, João Francisco Saldanha, Nair Tavares Taborda, Maria Marlene Waginiack Bronichaki, Eloá Giehl


Liliana Sulzbach is a journalist with a Master’s Degree in Politics. She directed and produced several awarded documentaries and series for Brazilian and German TV networks. "The Village" is her latest work.

Distributor: Liliana Sulzbach

Sales Agent: Liliana Sulzbach

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