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Disturbed by a dream, a man awakens to realize his unconscious has called his self-awareness into question. When confronting himself, misfortune brings the temporal world into perspective.

Director: Hugo Vargas-Zesati

Executive Producer: Hugo Vargas-Zesati

Producer: Rachel Myhill, Vincent Van Horn, Daniel Metz

Screenwriter: Hugo Vargas-Zesati

Cinematographer: Nathan Smith

Editor: Guillermo Sanchez

Production Designer: Hugo Vargas-Zesati

Sound Designer: Isaac Hammons

Additional Credits: Make Up: April Swartz, Hair Stylist: Rafael Virguez, Assistant Director: Ricardo Andrade, Production Assistant: Britney Salyer

Principal Cast: Mike Sullivan, Rachel Myhill, Vincent Van Horn, Nicholas Saenz, Hugo Vargas-Zesati


Hugo Vargas-Zesati is a writer/director/actor/musician, raised in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico and El Paso, Tx. He's in development on his first feature "French Monsters" and a TV series pilot "Method". He currently lives in Austin.

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