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Hannah is caught between her husband and a new lover. What began as an impulsive tryst has grown into something enduring and malignant. Her efforts to sever it grow increasingly desperate, then unspeakable. Picture a fox with a trapped foot, except there are some parts of yourself you can't chew off.

Director: Caleb Johnson

Screenwriter: Caleb Johnson

Cinematographer: Caleb Johnson

Additional Credits: Marci Mudd: Art Director, Rob Derin: Sound Recording, Lee Eaton: Color Correction

Principal Cast: Kara Durrett, Doc King, Sarah Paden, Jason Altman, Bobby Kruger


Caleb Johnson grew up in western Kentucky where he did not have a horse. He began making dark and funny short films in college and later earned an MFA from Columbia University where he still did not have a horse, although he’s pretty sure he paid for one. Caleb's first feature is currently in post production and will premiere in 2014.

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