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Sequin Raze

"Sequin Raze" - starring Anna Camp (Mad Men, True Blood), Ashley Williams and Frances Conroy(Six Feet Under) explores the twisted mental anguish of ‘Goldberg’, a jaded, once-feminist producer on a hit reality show, as she psychotically tortures female contestants into on-camera meltdowns, while simultaneously destroying herself. Tonight, Goldberg, egged on by wildly disoriented and lawless show psychologist (Frances Conroy), ratchets up her interrogation to CIA levels and wages mental mortal- combat against spurned beauty queen (Anna Camp) – but she may have met her match.

Director: Sarah Gertrude Shapiro

Executive Producer: Erin Donovan, David Cress

Producer: Deniese Davis, Andrea Longacre White, Sarah Gertrude Shapiro

Screenwriter: Sarah Gertrude Shapiro

Cinematographer: Ava Berkofsky

Editor: Kelly Brickner

Production Designer: Shaz Taylor

Sound Designer: Barking Owl

Music: Barking Owl

Additional Credits: 1st AD: JD Denison, Costume Designer: Malcolm Bacni, Hair & Makeup: Maura McGill, Gaffer: Edward Salerno Jr., Executive Producer: David Allen Cress

Principal Cast: Ashley Williams, Anna Camp, Frances Conroy, Lily Rains, Molly Haldeman, Beau Bonness, Jennie-Kate De Shon, Robert Sanchez, David Graf, Edward Hong


Sarah Gertrude Shapiro- a courageously neurotic feminist writer-director living in Portland and LA. One of 8 selected for AFI's prestigious DWW 2012. Her award winning films have screened from Mumbai to Tel Aviv and she has worked with the likes of Mike Mills, Todd Haynes, and Haris Savides. Sarah Lawrence alum, ex-commercial fisher-woman.

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Erin Donovan
(503) 208-5734