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Sound City

"Sound City" focuses both on the history of the legendary Van Nuys, CA studio for which it is named--where such artists as Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Fear, Johnny Cash, Rick Springfield, DIO, Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine, Queens of the Stone Age, Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, Weezer and countless others have created classic after classic over the past 40 years--and on the ongoing fight to preserve the human element of music in an increasingly digital world. With its custom Neve console and uncanny acoustics, Sound City was an unlikely musical mecca. Through interviews with legendary musicians and producers, "Sound City" uncovers the magic within those walls and culminates with many of those legends creating a new album on that same console.

Director: Dave Grohl

Executive Producer: John Silva, John Cutliffe

Producer: James A Rota, John Ramsay, Dave Grohl

Screenwriter: Mark Monroe

Cinematographer: Kenny Stoff

Editor: Paul Crowder

Principal Cast: Neil Young, Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks, Trent Reznor, Rick Rubin, Mick Fleetwood, Lars Ulrich, John Fogerty, Rick Springfield, Paul McCartney


Dave Grohl first became a household name with his debut as Nirvana's drummer on 1991's Nevermind. In 1995, Grohl took center stage with Foo Fighters, who have since sold over 25 million records and won 11 Grammys. The acclaimed documentary SOUND CITY is Grohl's directorial debut.

Distributor: Roswell Films