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A Band Called Death


Formed in 1971 by three African-American brothers in Detroit, Michigan, Death is now widely acknowledged as being one of the first punk bands. After years of silence, Death’s moment finally arrived following unexpected demand from rabid internet fans and record collectors which ushered renowned appreciation and a swarm of national media attention that has now secured their place in the annals of rock history.

Director: Mark Christopher Covino, Jeff Howlett

Producer: Mark Christopher Covino, Jerry Ferrara, Jeff Howlett

Cinematographer: Mark Christopher Covino

Editor: Rich Fox

Music: Tim Boland, Sam Retzer

Additional Credits: Producer: Kevin Mann, Producer: Scott Mosier, Producer: Matthew Perniciaro

Jeff Howlett began his career as a musician. After getting behind the camera to direct music videos he met fellow filmmaker Mark Covino. As a result of Mark’s active role in the local Vermont film community Jeff approached him with an idea for a documentary, and thus "A Band Called Death" was born.

Distributor: Drafthouse Films

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