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Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction

Lensed in colour and b/w by Seamus McGarvey, the film explores Harry Dean Stanton’s enigmatic outlook on his life and his unexploited talents as a musician. “Putting the focus on the music rather than his person helped to engage him and capture a part of him that few people have seen. We wanted to create an atmosphere that is true to Harry, moving along with him, in his mind, at his pace, rather than to follow a linear or biographical order” (Sophie Huber, director). With excerpts from Alien, Paris Texas, The Straight Story, Missouri Breaks et al., and interviews with David Lynch, Wim Wenders, Sam Shepard, Kris Kristofferson and Debbie Harry.

Director: Sophie Huber

Producer: Christian Davi, Christof Neracher, Thomas Thümena, Chiemi Karasawa

Cinematographer: Seamus McGarvey

Editor: Angelo Corrao ACE, Russell Greene, Jason Brandenberg

Sound Designer: Roland Widmer, Stefan Willenegger

Principal Cast: Harry Dean Stanton


Sophie Huber was born in Bern, Switzerland. After studying acting at The Lee Strasberg Institute in Los Angeles, she worked as a performer for several theater and film productions in Switzerland and Germany. Huber then co-founded Berlin Film Collective Hangover Ltd. She co-wrote and co-directed and composed music for all the Hangover Ltd. films.

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