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"Sake-Bomb" is a cocktail created by dropping a shot of sake into a pint of beer. It's also a comedic road movie about a sarcastic Asian American and his Japanese cousin. Sebastian is a bitter, self-deprecating wannabe Internet star from Los Angeles. He is recently dumped by his girlfriend and on the look out for someone new. When his cousin Naoto, a naive sake maker from Japan, shows up to find his own ex-girlfriend, Sebastian takes him to northern California to find her. They are a clash of cultures waiting to happen. Someone has to break first. Together they meet a colorful group of characters as they come to grips with who they are and the true nature of the girlfriends they're pursuing.

Director: Junya Sakino

Executive Producer: Yuko Shiomaki

Producer: Hiromitsu Senoo, Junya Sakino

Screenwriter: Jeff Mizushima

Cinematographer: Sam K. Yano

Editor: Jeff Mizushima

Production Designer: Wade Morison

Sound Designer: Travis Cote

Music: Daichi Yoshida

Additional Credits: Casting Director: Brad Gilmore

Principal Cast: Gaku Hamada, Eugene Kim, Marlane Barnes, Josh Brodis, Samantha Quan, Hiroyuki Watanabe, Jenn Liu, Dat Phan, Mary Carey, Denden


Born and raised in Japan, he moved to US in 2000 to pursue a directing career and attended CSU, Long Beach’s film program. "Orizuru" hit the worldwide film festival circuit in 2006 and received a generous handful of awards. The film was eventually aired on PBS. Currently, he has been working in the commercial and film industries.

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