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Bernice Stokes and Fontayne Gamble grew up the closest of friends. After high school Bernice got into social services and corrections work, Fontayne just got into trouble. Twenty years later Bernice is assigned as parole officer for Fontayne– just released from prison and fighting a drug habit. But Bernice’s son Rodney, has gone missing on the Mexican border, his shady partners in hiding or brutally murdered. Fontayne, through a prison girlfriend, enlists Freddy Suárez, a disgraced, near-blind ex-LAPD detective once known as ‘the Terminator’, to help them find Rodney. Outlaws on a noble quest, they are lured into a potentially deadly cat-and-mouse game with mysterious Chinese smugglers.

Director: John Sayles

Producer: Alejandro Springall, Peter Bobrow, Edward James Olmos

Screenwriter: John Sayles

Cinematographer: Kat Westergaard

Editor: John Sayles

Production Designer: Mara Spear

Sound Designer: Roberto Fernández

Music: Mason Daring

Principal Cast: Edward James Olmos, LisaGay Hamilton, Yolonda Ross


John Sayles likes to be known as a storyteller. He is a director of 18 films, all of which he has also written, and most of which he has edited. He is one of the godfathers- or grandfathers– of the US Independent Film movement. He lives with his producing partner of many years, Maggie Renzi, in upstate New York.

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