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Sony in 4K: Right Camera for the Right Project


The production landscape is changing yet again. With so many format and quality options, and now the new 4K resolution option…how do you know what the best path will be for your project? In addition to a clear overview on 4K and why you’ll want to consider it, this workshop will allow you to get an up close look at some of Sony’s highly-flexible 4K and HD camera lineup, from the wildly popular FS700 to the groundbreaking new F55/F5 models. Come learn why you won’t always have to choose between 4K and HD because you can have BOTH.


Allan Barnwell Sales Sony/Omega Broadcast Group

Mike DesRoches Sales Support Engineer Sony Electronics Inc

Currently supporting all XDCAM-related, HDCAM-SR, NXCAM and #TheNewF products for Sony, Mike has been an active support resource to the broadcast and production community for 16 years. During the recent transitional years, he's focused on educating the masses as to what solutions are out there and what to consider before purchasing equipment and/or starting a production. Working directly with production companies, news stations, sports teams, corporations and individuals, he's facilitated the(ir) daunting migrations from SD to HD and/or from tape-based to file-based workflows. Now, with 4K being the next mountain companies/individuals are looking to climb, he's once again taking the same approach to properly educating the masses for what they're up against... so they can make the best decision for their own particular needs.