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Finding Your Audience with Open Web Technologies

From funding to production, distribution to viewing, the opportunities for participating in filmmaking today that allow filmmakers to connect with and relate to their audiences in new and exciting ways are endless.

Join Jamie Wilkinson (VHX, Star Wars Uncut), Liz Shannon Miller (GigaOM, Attack of the Show), Blake Whitman (Vimeo) and Simon Klose (TPB AFK, Linklib) in a discussion about the ways Open Web technologies and DIY marketing can help indie filmmakers retain more rights to their work while still reaching a mass audience, the tools for controlling the distribution and monetization of their projects, all the while simultaneously creating and enabling new forms of creativity.

Questions that will be answered:
What are existing ways/tools to add value to distribute your movie?
How can indie filmmakers connect directly with their audience?
How can they effectively self-distribute their films?
How do creators maintain their rights while still having access to large audiences?


MODERATOR Liz Miller Contributor GigaOM

Simon Klose Filmmaker/Start up-founder Nonami Film

Jamie Wilkinson VHX

Blake Whitman VP, Creative Development Vimeo

I help make the Vimeo.