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Meet the Insiders: Filmmaker Resources

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New for 2013, Meet the Insiders is an opportunity to participate in vital discussions on the innovations and developments in the world of film across varying topics. Moderators will start by introducing and getting to know the Insider for the first 10 minutes, but the next 20 are an open forum where the audience is able to ask questions, discuss trends, connect with the film community, and gain insight and understanding of the industry from the insiders at the forefront of their respective fields.

This session, Filmmaker Resources, gives the inside track on the resources available to filmmakers from two heavy hitter industry giants, IFP and Independent Lens.

Moderated by Ryan Long from the Austin Film Society, you'll get 30 minutes with Lois Vossen from Independent Lens and then 30 minutes with Amy Dotson from IFP. Go in-depth with these insiders to discover and ask questions about the resources available for filmmakers.


MODERATOR Ryan Long Programs & Operations Mgr Austin Film Society

Lois Vossen Sr Series Producer Independent Lens

Lois Vossen is the founding and Senior Series Producer of Independent Lens. She is responsible for the co-curation of the series and works with filmmakers on content, editorial, and related broadcast issues. She selects the Independent Lens hosts, writes and produces the host shoot, and works with the communications team on the marketing campaigns of the series. In its first ten seasons, Independent Lens received 7 Emmy Awards, 10 Peabody Awards, 4 DuPont Awards, and has been nominated for 6 Academy Awards.

Amy Dotson Deputy Dir, Head of Programming IFP