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SXSW Comedy: Taking the Stage

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Start your Monday night off right with this guaranteed-good-time standup showcase, curated by SXSW Comedy.


Andrew Short Talent The Creek and the Cave

Andrew Short is a boyish-looking man confused by the world he lives in. Through a cheerfully misanthropic worldview, he hammers thunderously on pop culture, suburbia, and self-righteous soccer moms. Andrew affably deconstructs personal and public problems, managing to be convincing without being preachy. Part rant, part playful, he’s quick talking, quick-witted, and quick with the jabs at both society and himself. Andrew has been featured on Sirius XM radio, and has performed at the Cincinnati Brew Ha Ha, the Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival and San Francisco Sketch Fest.

Jay Oakerson Gotham Comedy Club


Mac Blake got his live comedy start making fun of movies with popular mockers Master Pancake Theater. Mac was a finalist in the most recent Funniest Person in Austin contest, hosts the weekly Mascot Wedding Show on KOOP radio, hosts the monthly comedy variety show The Hustle Show, and performs across the country with the sketch group STAG. Mac is also a cartoon giant.

Mark Normand Talent The Creek and the Cave

Funny guy!!!

Ryan Cownie N/A