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Constructive Disruption for the Music Biz

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After the record industry and the live music industry, it’s time for innovation and constructively disrupting how the music industry operates. It's time to open up the shop and see what outside influences can bring to the table.


Brooke Parrott Artist Ambassador

Brooke Parrott, Artist Ambassador

Brooke Parrott, U.S.-based Artist Ambassador at Songkick, had to travel far from her native Oregon in order to come back home. Her travels and search for more experiences brought her all the way to London years ago, but she took with her an intrinsic melancholy from days in Seattle and an enhanced songwriting sensibility from Boston’s Berklee College of Music, where she studied songwriting and piano. In London, she lived, at one point, in a disused pub rumored to be an old haunt of Charles Dickens and Karl Marx and wrote songs on a disintegrating grand piano. Performing incessantly and connecting with a collective of talented musicians, London left a mark on her, through the poignant songs she created and connections forged. When Portland beckoned her back, Parrott returned to the Pacific Northwest and began touring and recording with Portland darlings Loch Lomond. Together for over a decade, the group still maintains a heavy international touring schedule.

Throughout her European sojourn and upon her arrival back in Portland, Brooke also found a place within a London-based family, Songkick. Families don’t traditionally loosen their grip, and Songkick has certainly held her close, establishing Brooke as the global Artist Ambassador. Working with Songkick for almost five years, a timeframe that nearly traces back to the company’s formation, Artist Ambassador almost does not do Brooke’s participation and knowledge of the company justice. Her contributions have been far-reaching over the years, from customer support, involvement in the product and data teams, to hands-on work with artists and their representatives (and everything in between). She’s fully immersed herself in the music and tech industry’s leading concert listing destination. Above all, Brooke understands the needs and plight of touring musicians – the simplicity desired in reaching fans, the hope to see more fans attending concerts and the buffet of options set in front of artists and their creative teams to supposedly achieve these means.

While positioning into the role of the U.S.-based Songkick representative, Brooke is focused on on artist and industry relations. A born leader and teacher (she even taught a songwriting class in a prison once), this role is one that was destined for her, while she still maintains her own artistic projects. For more info on Brooke’s musical pursuits or to track their tour dates, visit: and:

Finian Murphy Comms Planner Irish International BBDO

Finian Murphy is a Planner with BBDO ad agency, Irish International working with clients such as Diageo, NFL and Mars Europe. He has experience in developing channel strategies across old and new media, has specialised in consumer research and creative solutions for previous clients including Heineken, News International and 3 Mobile.
He is the co-founder of The What If Project, has provided commentary on radio and press and spoken at a number of events.


Jim Carroll Journalist Irish Times

Jim Carroll writes about music and the music business for The Irish Times, compiles the On the Record blog ( and produces the Banter talks and discussions ( Previously, Carroll worked in various A&R, press and label management roles in Ireland and the UK.