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Jesse Weaver Shipley - Book Signing

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Shipley will appear at the South by Bookstore to sign copies of “Living the Hiplife: Celebrity and Entrepreneurship in Ghanaian Popular Music“ following his panel.


Jesse W Shipley Assoc Professor Haverford College Dept of Anthropology

Jesse Shipley is a filmmaker, writer, and ethnographer who has worked in New York, London, Accra, and Johannesburg. He is the author of LIVING THE HIPLIFE: Celebrity and Entrepreneurship in Ghanaian Popular Music (Duke University Press 2013). Along with a number of shorts and music videos his recent films include feature documentaries Living the Hiplife: Musical Life in the Streets of Accra (Third World Newsreel 2007) and Is It Sweet?: Tales of an African Superstar in New York (Third World Newsreel 2013) and the multi-channel video installation Black Star: The People's Game. Journal articles include publications in Public Culture, Cultural Anthropology, and Anthropological Quarterly. He also occasionally blogs for