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SXSW Comedy: The Bitter Buddha Blues

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Eddie Pepitone, comedy's "Bitter Buddha," exercises his demons while entertaining the masses. Along with a few of his offbeat pals, Pepitone transforms The North Door into an intimate lounge for an evening of sizzling song and hilarious hijinks.

Hosted by Eddie Pepitone with Andres du Bouchet, Brent Weinbach, Jenny Slate, Max & Ivan, Drennon Davis


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Comedian/actor/writer based in Los Angeles. Currently a staff writer for CONAN on TBS.

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From his elaborate characters and impressions, to his provocative songs and animation, Drennon is quickly making a name for himself as one of the most innovative young minds in today’s comedy scene. His performances of festival favorite the Imaginary Radio Program combine live-looped songs and beat-boxing with one-man sketches and array of hilarious special guests into a show that the Los Angeles Comedy Bureau writes "not only lives up to its name, but exceeds expectation in what you could possibly think it is."

“If you venture into this awkward yet ultimately rewarding late-night show, you may well come out of it thinking that Drennon Davis is a bit of a genius.” - The Times (UK)

He’s been featured on Carson Daly’s Last Call and a semi-finalist of Last Comic Standing. His new animated show The Long Legs can be seen on MTV's rebirth of Liquid Television in 2012.

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