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Rebooting Work: Transform How You Work

Why in an era of evolving technology, are we viewing work in the same way we always have? I’ve witnessed many transformations in technology, from working at IBM during the PC Revolution to the epicenter of e-commerce at eBay to the revolution of work at LiveOps. Today, we can’t rely on companies to take care of us. With unemployment rising and only 45% of Americans saying they are satisfied with their work - there is no guaranteed employment just for showing up. The world is moving towards meritocracy - work is results driven and our talent is valued more than tenure. Technologies such as cloud computing are challenging the typical “9-5” and creating more flexibility.
This is one of the most exciting times in the history of work, especially for anyone entering the workforce. We’ll discuss how the current workforce mentality is broken, how we can transform work in the age of entrepreneurship, and share personal experiences to help illustrate how we can adapt to working.



Maynard Webb created the Webb Investment Network (WIN) in 2010 as a seed investment firm dedicated to nurturing entrepreneurs who want to change the world--particularly in the fields of cloud computing, enterprise software, and mobile. With 30 years of experience developing high-growth companies, Maynard’s unique approach to investing allows WIN to mentor and offer on-demand access to an affiliate network of 75 industries. Maynard currently holds positions as the Chairman of LiveOps and a board member at both and Yahoo!.

Additionally, Maynard has authored a new book, Rebooting Work, which addresses how our century-old business practices no longer sync up with our times. The book offers insight, assessments, and inspiration to help people and organizations take full advantage of today's entrepreneurial times and technology -- and reach their full potential.

Maynard and his wife also created the Webb Family Foundation in 2004 to empower young people to overcome the barriers that keep them from fulfilling their destinies.

Previously, Maynard was the CEO of LiveOps and COO of eBay. For more, visit