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The Laws of Subtraction: Rules to Innovate By

The world of business and commerce has never been more complex. We live in a constant state of stimulation and distraction. The choices and features we face daily are overwhelming. Living a “simple life” is no longer an option. The desire to tune out the noise is overpowering, driving users and consumers to seek experiences that address that desire.
Business success in this new age of excess everything demands the ability to design those experiences, through the mastery of a surprising new skill: Subtraction.
Enter The Laws of Subtraction.
Filled with examples drawn from industrial design, art, business, and science, this talk makes a compelling case for a new approach, one based on the paradoxical notion of gaining by taking away.
This talk outlines six simple rules for winning in the age of excess everything, and delivers a single yet powerful idea:
In business and in life, when you remove just the right things in just the right way, something very good happens.


Matthew May Founder EDIT Innovation

Author, The Laws of Subtraction. Blogger for HBR, Fast Company Design, and Amex OPEN Forum. Founder, EDIT Innovation, an L.A.-based creative consultancy.