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Martine Syms - Book Signing

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Martine Syms will appear at the South by Bookstore to sign copies of “Implications and Distinctions: Format, Content and Context in Contemporary Race Film” following her Solo session.

Martine Syms is a writer and curator based in Los Angeles, California. Her work examines the assumptions of contemporary American culture. Her research focuses on the relationship between commercialism, identity and experience. She explores and documents the various narratives, ideologies, representations and omissions of the Other within everyday culture. She uses essays, exhibitions and performative lectures to highlight how meaning is created and received through the dominant frames of American life.
Last year she completed “Implications and Distinctions: Format, Content, and Context in Contemporary Race Film,” a book that examines performances of blackness in mainstream cinema from 1990 – present. She is currently working on American Ritual, a documentary exploring what television does for us and what it means to American culture.